How to Do Assisted Pull Ups with Benefits of Doing
How to Do Assisted Pull Ups with Benefits of Doing

If you’re looking for a way to start doing a pull up, then this article is for you. Pull ups are an exercise that everyone should be doing because they strengthen your back and arms while engaging your core. If you’ve been avoiding pull ups because you think they are too hard, this article will help break the barrier down and get you started with a simple assisted pull up.

What is a pull up?

A pull up is an easy, but incredibly effective exercise for strengthening your back and arms. It looks a little bit like a push up but with the aid of a barbell.

Pull ups are very simple to do, but they will take some practice to get there. You will also need to be in good shape to do pull ups properly because they require that you have strong muscles in your back and arms and lots of strength in your core.

Why you should start doing pull ups

.Pull ups are a great exercise to strengthen your core and back. Plus, they are an effective way to get you into shape. But did you know that pulling up is a very simple movement that can be done with just your body weight? This makes them an extremely accessible exercise that anyone can do.

The result of pulling up is similar to what happens when you jump—your entire body will go up in the air. Your arms should feel heavy at first, but as soon as you get used to doing pull ups, your arms will become lighter and less fatigued as well.

How to do an assisted pull up

First off, we’ll cover the best way to do an assisted pull up. The first step is to set a personal record for yourself by moving your body as far as you can with no assist.

Next, we’ll show you how to do an assisted pull up so that you can continue to get stronger. You can increase the distance of your pull ups and strengthen your core muscles at a faster rate than if you were just doing one pull up.

How to Do Assisted Pull Ups with Benefits of Doing
How to Do Assisted Pull Ups with Benefits of Doing

Benefits of doing a pull up

The benefits of doing a pull up are endless. It will improve your posture, strengthen your core and back, provide you with a better body image, and increase your metabolism.

If you’re not convinced that it’s worth doing a pull up for yourself or someone else in your life, watch this video from YouTube user yungchill to see how easy it is to do a pull up:

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